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Hampi is a village in northern Karnataka, India. The name hampi can also mean "champion".It is located within the ruins of the city of Vijayanagara, the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. Predating the city of Vijayanagara, it continues to be an important religious centre, housing the Virupaksha Temple, as well as several other monuments belonging to the old city. The ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed as the Group of Monuments at Hampi. According to statistics of 2014, Hampi is the most searched historical place in Karnataka on Google.

Huligemma Temple Munirabad

Vyaghrapuri is a Sanskrit Name of holy pilgrimage centre Huligi. Huligi is an abode of Godess Durga. This is a self manifested temple of her, located on the scenic Tungabhadra River. She has manifested herself in form of an abstract rock. This temple is situated in a village called Huligi. It is located around 20 Kilometers away from the district Head quarters Koppala. Another nearest big city is Hospet

Tungabhadra Dam

The Tungabhadra Dam is constructed across the Tungabhadra River, a tributary of the Krishna River. The dam is near the town of Hospet in Karnataka. It is a multipurpose dam serving irrigation, electricity generation, flood control, etc. This is a joint project of erstwhile Hyderabad state and erst while Madras Presidency when the construction was started; later it became a joint project of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh after its completion in 1953. The main architect of the dam was Dr. Thirumalai Iyengar, an engineer from Madras.and it also have beautiful garden and park with musical fountain


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